How to Put On False Eyelashes the RIGHT Way

Oct 18, 2018

No matter if you’ve got a wedding, a hot date, or just a random night of eyelash-fluttering on the menu, anytime is a good time for falsies as far as we’re concerned. But we know getting glue near your eye can be intimidating. So gather your supplies and choose your own adventure. Want drama? An all-the-way-across strip lash is your answer. For subtle glamour (or those very, very intimidated), singles are your friends. Either way you can do it. We believe in you.

For Strip Eyelashes:

Step 1: Roll the band down to loosen the glue—Tharp says if you pull it straight off, you risk damaging the “hairs.”

Step 2: Wrap the strand around your finger to soften the spine.

Step 2B: This is optional, but if the spine is really stiff, run it through your fingernails like a ribbon to give it bend.

Step 3: Measure the strand against your eye. If there’s any overhang, take note of how many lashes too long the strand is.

Step 4: Cut the band from the inside—not the outside! That way you don’t lose any volume.

Step 5: Apply glue with a cotton swab. Wait a few seconds to let the glue get tacky on the lash. And remember: No blowing!

Step 6: Using tweezers, place the middle of the strip in the center of your eye.

Step 7: Nudge the outer and inner corners down along your lashline.

All done!

If, at the end of it all after some practice, you're still having trouble getting a full strip on (no worries; they're tricky!)

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