Glue Aid Glue speed accelerant Adhesive Curing/super bonder

*GLUE AID is formulated to help cure any adhesive you are using faster than it was created to cure.

*Apply the Glue Aid can effectively reduce the smell and irritation of glue, reduce the allergy rate, extend the lasting time Plays the role of oil proof, water proof and sweat proof.

*Apply again after eyelash extensions, You can immediately open your eyes and wash with water. Saving time and Say goodbye to blowing and waiting.

*It's best to be used when you don't have enough humidity in your lash room, or you need your adhesive to dry more quickly.

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1. Use before eyelash extension: After cleaning the natural eyelashes, Using a microbrush apply the Glue Aid to the natural eyelashes. There is no need to blow-dry after

applying the Glue Aid, and graft the interface in a moist state.

2. Use after extensions: Using a microbrush apply again after eyelash extensions, can protects new lashes against sweat, dirt, water and environmental chemicals that may attack lash adhesive to extend the lasting time .

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